Improve your iPhone by yourself!

Tired of your iPhone and buy a new yet possible? Refresh your smartphone, adding a completely new feature — wireless charging. Contrary to popular belief, it can be done very easy and more than affordable. Told about how, but it is cheap to add wireless charging to any iPhone in this material.

The best way to do it. Covers with wireless charging

For iPhone there are special covers that support wireless charging. A few years ago, these covers were thick and unpleasant to use, but this is another matter.

Covers with wireless charging for iPhone became thin and even beautiful. They look like this:

Case with wireless charging. Thin and in the colors Apple

These bags are available for all models of the iPhone without support for wireless charging and they are quite inexpensive. However, it is important to choose a quality case and not buy the first available model for the conditional 200 rubles. These obviously unsafe to use and can easily catch fire or further damage the iPhone.

Below we have selected proven covers with wireless charging for all iPhone models that you can take.

  • iPhone 5s/SE
  • iPhone 6/6s/7
  • iPhone 6 Plus/6s/7s Plus

How these cases? For the user it’s simple. It is only necessary to put a cover on the iPhone and insert the Lightning connector (it goes right in the pouch) into the connector of the smartphone. Immediately after this, iPhone can be put into the dock for wireless charging and a miracle happens — your iPhone will begin charging. Note that these cases and the following receivers support it the Qi-charging, which wirelessly charge the same iPhone XS and XS Max iPhone.

Cheapest way. Receiver Qi charging

An alternative way to equip any iPhone wireless charging is to buy a Qi-compatible receiver. Their disadvantage is that they look very ugly and spoil the look of the iPhone. On the other hand, receivers are very fine and without problems closed most cases — they become not visible.

Here are these receivers:

The receiver is attached to the cover iPhone. But after the case is closed and nobody can see it

Their principle of operation is the same as that of the covers. The receiver is attached to the cover of iPhone, the connector from the receiver is inserted in a Lightning connector and all — wireless charging enabled.

There are really cheap receivers. They allow you to add wireless charging to the iPhone “for nothing”:

  • Receiver Olaf — 100 rubles.
  • Receiver Proelio — 107 rubles.

And there are more expensive model that we recommend stronger. This receiver from a reputable manufacturer Baseus, which specializiruetsya on the charging accessories. Such a receiver is already 466 roubles. And it looks more aesthetically pleasing.

Still need a docking station — what to take?

Yes, for wireless charging, of course you need a docking station. Again, we strongly do not advise to take model for 200-300 rubles. They are not just unsafe, and charge an iPhone with a horribly slow speed. This “innovation” is not exactly like you and you are the next day will start to charge your iPhone the old-fashioned way via cable.

You can take the following three models. They are created by well-known manufacturers, fast charge and proved by thousands of customers.

  • Dock Baseus — 812 rubles.
  • Dock Ugreen — 1354 ruble.
  • Vertical docking station Baseus — 1062 of the ruble.

So, spending no more than 2000 rubles (in theory you can keep 500 rubles), you can equip your iPhone full wireless charging.


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