18 Feb top most popular albums Apple Music headed four albums unknown artist: Murcia, Bilbao, Cartagena, and Mendoza. Each author is a copycat of famous musicians (Oxymoron, Husky and even Yegor Letov), but the albums have appeared on Apple Music in early February. And no one understood how it happened.

In General, all songs are in Apple Music via distributors. The first of their kind — a large company. In this way, used labels like Black Star and Gazgolder. The second type of online services. They are independent musicians. But then the tracks do not fall in any of the charts. Obviously, Murcia, Bilbao, Cartagena and Mendoza have used the second method. But then where are they in the top? The correspondent of TV channel “Rain” has decided to find out how this could happen, and found the Internet sites with the help of which you can bring the song to the top. He chose top-chart.com and wrote at the contacts under the pseudonym “Herman Gleb”.

Personal mail the answer came with the prices: a day in the top Apple Music stand $ 1,700 (111 thousand), week — 8300 $ (542 thousand), for two weeks — $ 11900 (777 thousand). The money is transferred to you personally.

According to the site representative by the name of Dimitri, there is a base and start listening to the track on multiple devices at once. What happens cheat — elementary imitation and auditions a normal user. “Let’s just say this has been done through remote servers,” said Dmitry.

The purpose of the conclusion of the song or album in the top two: the first is awareness and popularity; the second is the ability to get some status on the platform, after which the author begins to transfer the money over each download. Apple has not commented on cheat albums of Murcia, Bilbao, Cartagena, and Mendoza, and just blocked the content.

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