Probably, each owner of any Apple devices, there’s a couple of stories of extremely successful experience in support of the Corporation. Here is one of them.

Last weekend my friend who believes that Apple is following him, damaged the screen on your iPhone 7.

It is worth mentioning that this man never in my life did a cover, but its smartphones are almost always in perfect condition. He’s not dropping the device and not broken even a single gadget. For him, it working tools, so is drawn with the technique it very carefully.

In the early evening the iPhone 7 screen was completely intact. This can be confirmed by several people. In all the time we were together, this phone does not fall, the gadget quietly and peacefully lay on the table with the display facing up.

When the owner decided to check something and put a finger to Touch ID, the iPhone 7 screen then went cracks. No, young man, of course, leads a healthy lifestyle and plays sports, but not to the same extent to crush solid glass with a single tap.

Very much surprised, he was going to write in support. Others, like real friends reacted to this very skeptical and began to speculate how he will prove that he is not broke iPhone.

However, to prove anything is not required. Apple employee quickly made the complaint, he checked something and sent two codes. One for a free repair at an authorised service centre at the client’s choice, the second — a discount of 40% on purchase of iPhone X. the Latter is valid for weeks.

On Monday morning, a friend turned to the nearest workshop, where he for hour glass changed. The money for the repairs he did not pay. Insurance on the phone, he is not and never has been. And at lunch took a brand new silver iPhone X 64 GB almost half the price.

Now a familiar dilemma: to sell old iPhone SE wife and give her a brand new seven, or sell freshly refurbished iPhone 7. Three of Apple’s smartphone in the family of two people is, in his opinion, overkill.

Witnesses to the incident wondering why the support didn’t require any proof, the client is not himself broke the phone. The basic versions two:

  • the operator remotely checked the performance of some sensors of the smartphone, for example, an accelerometer, and made sure that there were no falls;
  • a friend at work spends a lot of negotiations. Perhaps the level of his skill is so great that he is able to persuade even Apple for a free replacement of the screen.

In any case, this story proves that a huge Corporation does not leave its customers alone with the problems and encourages loyalty.


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