Incredibly useful life skill!

If you have had to contact the support of your mobile operator, then you definitely know that support staff are not always set to help. Fortunately, the MTS there is a very easy way to get to someone who will try to help all available means to him. Told about the miraculous way in this article.

Recently cellular operators “the big four” are increasingly trying to help callers through correspondence. In order to get through to a live employee support users have for a long time to break through the boards of the robot and to hear news about the latest promotions. This, no doubt, deeply unnerving, and most importantly — confidence that the free really live operator will soon be no.

But what is even more frustrating — employee support, it may be completely indifferent to your problem. The operator MTS is there a simple way how to exclude contact with such employees.

How to call in support MTS, so you definitely helped

Call a short support number 0890 and wait for the entrance to the main menu. Next select 2 and 0 — so you will be able to contact the operator. Important! Then MTS will prompt you to wait for a free operator in paid or free queue. Press 2 to choose a free turn.

On the first seconds of waiting you will be asked to evaluate the quality of service by pressing 0. In this command lies the secret of a successful call, support! Be sure to press 0, Reaffirming its desire to evaluate the work of support staff.

What does it mean? Fellow MTS, which will help with your appeal, know that you will appreciate his work. He will try to be very polite and courteous, but most importantly it will look for an opportunity to resolve your problem, whether it is accidental write-off of money or just dissatisfaction with quality of services.

Moreover, if the employee is not able to help in the decision, as you seem quite a simple question, you have to estimate it. Of course, evaluate the operator, which does not help you, you need the minimum score. It is important to emphasize that this is done not in order to vent their displeasure on the innocent employee support. You do this to solve your problem.

For example, if your number was automatically connected to the new tariff, and employee support is not able to return the old one, feel free to put him a bad grade. In most cases, the operator will pay attention to it and will solve your problem — checked repeatedly. Staff support can do this even without a call, just sending you a message about successful repair rate.


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