Prices on iPhone 2019 model year may be lower than the vehicles actual generation, to the materials of the report, the publication DigiTimes, referring to sources in the supply chain. The change in the pricing policy in relation to the brand of Apple can happen because of the unwillingness of the manufacturer to equip future devices that support 5G, which has the potential to become the new trend on the mobile market next year.

If Apple would prefer to postpone the introduction of a new communication standard by 2020, more likely, it will be extremely difficult to continue to justify such high prices for branded smartphones, while maintaining a high level of sales, concluded the interlocutors DigiTimes. The most logical way out, according to industry sources, it would be a temporary reduction in retail prices below the existing level to maintain stable demand.

Does cheaper iPhone next year

“Although most operators are unlikely to start commercial operation of networks of the fifth generation by 2020, some manufacturers, including Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo, will begin production of smartphones with support for 5G in 2019. For this reason, absolutely pointless for Apple to continue to produce smartphones with 4G with an equally high price at that time, as competitors will have to offer phones with 5G, but at lower prices”, — says the sides DigiTimes.

However, Apple does not know whether to equip iPhone 2019 model year support 5G. If the company finds that it can afford such a step should not be omitted even greater growth for smartphones. Sources from the supply chain, which talked of the DigiTimes, believe that the development of networks of the fifth generation out the Apple a lot of money and the vendor will have no choice but to raise the price to $ 1299. Whether in this case the standard model with a 5.8-inch screen or the top by 6.5-inch, is unknown.

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