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Mobile operators can connect the paid services to its subscribers without their knowledge. This can happen as a “random” way, and the result is that the subscriber did not finish and saw the message about the possibility of getting paid services in the service contract. Mobile operator “Beeline” is no exception, so in this instruction we have talked about how to deny access to paid services on the “Beeline”, and to do it in the right way.

How to deny access to paid services on the “Beeline”

The only reliable way of the prohibition of connection of paid services on the “Beeline” is the activation free content account. On this service I know not all subscribers, since the official website of “Beeline” it is in the section of options to help restrict children from using paid content.

The service is called “cost Control” and there is no fee. We note again that the service is completely free, because the Internet among subscribers of “Beeline” about this option, a lot of rumors.

What does the option “Control costs”? It creates for your room additional balance, which becomes the principal for payment of paid services or services. This balance default no money, so when your room for any reason, you are asked to connect the paid services, it will be automatically rejected. For extra balance banal no money, and to debit the operator does not work.

To Fund this additional balance, of course, is not necessary. Payment for service not provided. However, there is another feature. This service is “cost Control” you need to connect every six months or at least verify the fact that it is active. The fact is that due to the inactivity of the subsidiary account may be switched off automatically.

To activate the service you need to dial USSD-command *110*5062#. To check the status of the additional account team *622#.

It is also very important to know that not all paid services are to request the writing off funds from the additional account. Services for your rate, in particular under the contract, will write off money from the main account. In this regard, to exclude unwanted copying, subscribers are advised from time to time to go to your personal account and view a list of connected services.

Of course, to go into private office every day optional. There is one life skill. Let’s see what number you have connected yourself with the latest tariff plan. Go to your personal Cabinet to check for unwanted services every month in this number. Most often the additional services under the tariff, be connected exactly after the next calendar month.


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