One of the advantages of modern smartphones is the ability to put a phone call on pause to answer the second. On how to activate this function in the iPhone, says 9to5Mac.

It can hold up to three subscribers, although it is not very convenient this feature is only required for the two calls. It is an unbelievable time saver when, for example, during a long working conversation, a call comes from a pizza delivery guy – a moment to pause and to continue the dialogue.

If the function is disabled and the line is busy, all incoming calls will be transferred to voice mail. To avoid this, you must:

  • launch iPhone settings > Phone > call Waiting;
  • wait a few seconds until you see the toggle switch and switch it.
  • Now users will have access to a new screen when you receive a call during a call. It displays three buttons: “End call + answer”, “answering machine” and “Hold + answer”.

    Call waiting is a super-cool feature that is rarely useful talking on the phone to people. But, if your smartphone is constantly torn from the calls, it is better to disable the feature – otherwise, talking will be much more difficult.


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