Does not work in 100% cases, but very often.

Russian cellular operators if and raise rates, then very carefully. At least compared to operators in other countries. However, according to polls, Russians are not averse to save on cellular communication. And the opportunity is really there, about it know not all. In this article talked about how to get a discount on any plan “Beeline”.

The essence of the method

Immediately it is important to note that this method does not work in 100% of cases. However, the way of working, as evidenced by the numerous reviews of satisfied subscribers “Beeline”, managed to get a great discount on your rate.

The essence of the method lies in the fact to make it clear to the operator that you are unhappy with the terms of service. And to understand it explicitly. So that the operator wanted to keep you as a subscriber and to that end offered a discount.

What to do

This can be done in two ways. The first involves a minimum of action on your part. You only need to call the support operator by number 0611, contact a live employee and right to complain that the conditions do not suit you and you want to switch to another operator preserving number.

Have support staff there is a procedure in cases where subscribers have expressed a similar desire. One of the actions — offer the subscriber a discount on the tariff. Of course, that’s what you need.

It is important to emphasize that if support staff were not accommodating, then you should try again. User experience shows that sometimes to get a discount could a second or even third time. It all depends on the specific employee and his desire to help.

If you get a discount on the phone failed, then you can resort to “heavy artillery”. It is necessary to act and apply for switching to another operator preserving number. This can be done directly on the website of any operator. Then will just have to wait for a call or SMS from your current operator offer to stay and a motivating discount.

How big can be discount

On the Internet a huge number of positive reviews about getting a discount on the connection of such method. The discount depends on the previous activity of the subscriber and can be from 10 to 70%. Most often temporary discount, however, there are also times when the operator was given a lifetime discount on the bond. The last option, of course, perfect, but so much luck only to a few.


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