Does not work in 100% of cases, but it works!

Despite the fact that in Russia mobile communication is affordable in comparison with other countries, customers always want to pay less. And this desire is quite understandable, since everyone wants to save money. Not everyone knows, but there is a real way to reduce the monthly fee under the tariff any operator. It does not work in 100% of cases, but to use them very simply — a lot of the time it will take. In this manual told about how to get a discount on the tariffs of mobile operator MTS.

What is the essence of the method

Each operator of the “big four”, which includes MegaFon, MTS, Beeline and Tele2, has set as its main goal — to collect as a large subscriber base. The struggle between mobile operators became so fierce that in order to preserve subscribers are increasingly used non-standard methods.

Operators not only offer great rates or special offers and individual discounts on bond. But such discounts are not offered to all subscribers at once, but only to those who are thinking about changing the operator for any reason.

The essence of the method, which allows you to save on mobile communication, as time lies in the fact that the operator began to count you as a subscriber. And you do not even need to leave your home.

What to do

In order to offer you the discount you must have or apply for transition to another operator preserving number, or simply to notify a provider about such intention. The latter can be done directly on the phone, the hotline operator.

In the case of MTS subscribers need to call the support numbers: 0890, 08460 or 0605 and connect with a live operator. Next, you need to complain to the operator on the conditions of the tariff and to clarify the procedure of transition to another operator preserving number. At the same time, most subscribers do not have to invent anything, as even if dissatisfaction with the quality or terms of service.

At this stage, the employee of the operator and can offer the individual a discount on your tariff plan. Support staff is taught that subscribers need to try to save, so you likely will do best offer.

If the employee is not offered a discount, you can try to call support again. Another employee may be more cooperative.

What could be the discount

Such a simple method you can get a discount in your rate of 10 to 60%. It is important to note that the discount will be temporary. Typically, the operator gives it six months. However, nobody will prevent you to repeat the same procedure after six months.


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