Developed by Matthew Palmer presented the application to settings menu located in the upper right corner of Mac OS.

If You are a Mac user, you probably noticed that some applications add their own icons on the bar at the top of the screen. It’s called “menu bar”.

And as if the icons didn’t want to clean up, if they interfere or just does not need to do it with improvised methods fail. Apple didn’t think of it in the operating system so that the user can customize this element of the interface for themselves.

However, now there is a solution. A Vanilla app is free on the official website matthewpalmer, but it’s worth noting that Safari, at least in Russia, does not allow to download the installation file. You can use the Tor browser, click on the big green button on the application page, and the file is successfully loaded on the Mac.

After installation the program will offer to change the arrangement of icons in a way convenient to the user and will hide only those that the computer owner wants it.

That looks like a menu after the setting. The period character allows you to split the icons on the ones that should be visible to those that need to hide.

To hide/show information, simply click the arrow. The difference looks like.

Paying five dollars, you can open the full version of the app. It allows you to move icons using the keyboard shortcuts, or even remove unnecessary icons. Download the app here.


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