How to improve the sound quality of the Apple Music via mobile internetremote services firmly entered our everyday life, almost every smartphone owner paid subscription to stream music.

This is convenient, because no need to download new tracks or search for new albums regularly to the collections, and most importantly music will not take place on the device.

Unfortunately, even with a stable Internet speed the quality of broadcast sound sometimes does not hold water. And after a complete headset to hear the difference.

How can I improve the sound quality over 3G or LTE
There is a way to improve the quality of downloadable music via a mobile connection.

1. Go to Settings — Music — Cell data.

2. Activate the switch High quality.

Now the music is loaded with the best possible quality as connecting via Wi-Fi.

Such a solution has a negative side: the smartphone will consume more traffic, spend more, charge and require high speed connections.

To activate the option should be only if there is a tariff with unlimited traffic or unlimited for Apple Music. In addition, you need to be in the area with good coverage, to avoid any jerks, delays or lags during playback.

To track traffic Music app, go to Settings — Cellular and find out the program under Cellular data.

The option High quality you can always disable it to save bandwidth or in unstable mobile Internet.

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