Journalists from publications iPhoneHacks shared a small trick that allows you to install jailbreak even those users who have already installed iOS or iOS 11.4 11.4.1.

To hack the device with a fresh IOS, you must first install the test version. Apple still signs iOS 11.4 beta. This means that it can download and install by anyone.

Apparently, the test version of the system Apple has not yet implemented all existing mechanisms for the protection and the developer of the jailbreak managed to find a loophole to hack the operating system. However, anyone wishing to install the jailbreak should hurry up as Apple could stop signing iOS 11.4 at any time.

After a rollback on the test firmware, you must download the latest version of the jailbreak Electra on the website coolstar, then disable Siri on your smartphone or tablet that you want to hack, and turn on airplane mode. You can then install the jailbreak using the instructions, which edition published a few days ago.

Thus, even those who have already updated their devices can try your luck and hack the gadget, if for some reason the basic functionality of iOS is not satisfied.


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