For many the long-awaited opportunity.

It is no secret that “Vkontakte” collects various information about its users, including deleted content. Today, the social network launched a feature that allows any user to download archive with all data stored about him in “Vkontakte”.

A new service that allows users to collect all the information about yourself in a single archive and download, started working in test mode. In order to submit a request for the provision of archive users must go to a special page on the website “Vkontakte” and press the button “Request archive”.

Next “Vkontakte” will specify what data the user wants to save. The files contain information about the page, friends, messages, subscriptions, photos, music, etc. On the backup archive can take up to several days. It is important to note that users are provided information about the stored data, not data directly, for example, songs or photos.

When the archive is created, the user will receive a notification in private messages. There’s also a social network will provide a link to download the files. “VKontakte” stressed that for security purposes, a link to the archive will be relevant only for a few days.

Source: VK.


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