Tell how to run videos on YouTube and listen to it in the background while continuing to use other functions of the smartphone.

Many users prefer not to watch the video and just listen to them as a really important part almost always contains it in audio format. Be it an interview or some musical novelty.

There are three ways to include a YouTube clip and to continue its “preview” in the background or with locked screen.

The first method

To play video in the background, you need to:

  • Go to the YouTube website using Safari.
  • Click on the “Share” button and choose the option “Full version”
  • Start any video.
  • To switch to another tab.
  • To close the browser.

Some users have tested this method on iOS 11 and it worked.

The second method

To play video with a locked screen, you need to:

  • To open the YouTube app.
  • Start any video.
  • Double-press the lock smartphone.

The third way

The last option is use third party apps. For example, a browser like Dolphin or Firefox. Many users of these programs listen to the videos from YouTube that way.

The above-described methods may not work in newer versions of the operating system or on specific devices. And Google and Apple continually eliminate such loopholes and block workarounds for content consumption, so users used “legal” methods.


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