Why not manually?

For Windows users

For macOS users

At the sites with used goods, you can find a lot of ads from computers, tablets and smartphones. But did you know that before you sell your gadget, it is necessary to erase all personal data? After all, if confidential information gets into the hands of fraudsters, troubles not to avoid. About how to remove private personal information from the computer before the sale, tell the experts of Roskoshestvo.

Why not manually?

According to the head of the Centre for digital expertise Roskoshestvo Anton Kukanova, delete the data manually for too long, and also unreliable. For example, it is easy to forget one of the passwords stored in the browser or on the data that is left in the “Basket”.

Therefore, the most reliable option is a complete reinstallation of the system. And in order to bring your computer to the original form was easier, Microsoft and Apple have developed simple mechanisms of rejection.

For Windows users

The first thing you need to create a backup file on an external drive or in the cloud, so as not to lose anything important.

Then, users of Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 have to go to “start menu” and select “Settings”, go to “Upgrading and security” and find the item “Restore”. Next, the computer will prompt you to delete information in two ways — quickly or fully. As you can probably guess, you need to choose the second, and after a while the gadget would be back to “factory” condition.

But in order to reset the settings on the Windows 7 computer, you may need the operating system disk.

Go to the menu “start” choose “control Panel” and then “Restore”. Then make a choice in favor of “Enhanced recovery methods”. Further, the owners of desktop computers will need to stay on point “Reinstall Windows” (don’t forget the installation disk), and for laptop users — “to return the computer to the state specified by the manufacturer.” After the reinstallation process is complete, to “pull” the information from the computer will be able only a professional.

The open secret: when you delete files from the Recycle bin, they still remain on disk. The file can be erased only after the area occupied by them on disk will be overwritten with new data. So, the most effective way to erase all of the data format of the disk.

In addition, for those who store on the computer, especially sensitive information, there is a special program to overwrite free space on your hard drive.

For macOS users

First, as you remember, you need to create a backup of your files on an external drive or in the cloud. Then deauthorize the computer in iTunes. To do this, click on “Account”, then “Authorize” and “Deauthorize this computer”. After that just logout from iCloud and iMessage.

But to format the hard drive using Disk utility. It is noted that, if you need to clean the disk from which the Mac was launched, we need to restart from macOS or Recovery from another disk.

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So, from the window of the “Utility” (or from the same folder in the “Programs”) need to open the program “Disk utility” and select “View” and “Show all devices”. Then in the side menu of the program select the drive or volume that you want to clear. Press “Clear” and fill in the fields “Name” (the name of a disk or volume), Size (Disk utility will show the desired format by default) and “Scheme” (“GUID partition Scheme”).

Then select “Cleaning”, and at the end, exit the program.

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Photo: vox-cdn.com, s.appleinsider.ru

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