Experts have told that will protect cell phones from damage in extreme cold. First, on the street, experts advise to wear the smartphone in the inside pocket outerwear. And return home better for some time to get it. There is a perception that condensation may occur and moisture will damage circuit Board.

Experts also suggest not to charge the gadget immediately after returning from the cold. A cold to keep it no longer than 10 minutes, hiding in a pocket at the expiration of this period.

The most effective way to protect the device from damage in the cold — not to go with them to the street. The specialists noted that there are special phones that tolerate temperatures up to -30 and +60 degrees, writes

Earlier, the “Free press” reported that the new iPhone will teach you to find a gas leak. Apple has patented a sensor that can “smell” carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide.

Computer news: Apple: iPhone will help in case of natural disasters

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