How to protect yourself and your data in an emergency

Despite the fact that the Face ID is considered even more reliable way of protecting your smartphone than Touch ID, neither of the two identification methods have been unable to resist the power of state coercion. This experience convinced a resident of Ohio Grant Michalski, whose officers the FBI was forced to remove the lock from your iPhone by scanning the X person to get access to information about his involvement or innocence in the crime.

In forcing individuals suspected of committing a crime to unlock their smartphones by scanning the face there is nothing illegal. Biometric data, unlike a password, according to the laws of the countries in North America, Europe and Oceania are not special knowledge of the suspects, whom they theoretically have on crime. This means that the compulsion to enter the security combination will be equal to the testimony against himself, and unlock face — no.

How to turn off Face ID

Understanding the law is not worse than the security services, Apple has provided for such cases, a concealed off Face ID. To do this, simultaneously hold down the power key and increase/decrease the volume and hold them until the appearance on the screen of the slider for emergency calls. Regardless of your future actions Face ID will be disabled and the only way to unlock the smartphone will remain the password. In a similar way the method works five taps on the power key.

Password recovery for iPhone

However, intelligence agencies of many countries have long since learned to crack passwords using specialized complexes. Their main suppliers are the company GrayShift and Cellebrite, whose experts are in constant search for various vulnerabilities and loopholes in iOS that would allow you to bypass operating system security. All that is required of law enforcement officers is to purchase the hack, connect your smartphone via USB and wait when he will select a password.

Attention: calls for the Commission of acts that may result in problems with the law. How to turn off Face ID offered solely for information, not practical application.

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