Apple ID — single account for all Apple services, as well as for gadgets, and because the password it is always necessary to think of the most difficult that nobody will be able to pick it up or guess. But the too complicated password, besides the obvious advantages, there are serious drawback — it is very easy to forget and then have to restore it or to search where it was recorded.

In fact, nothing tragic in the fact that you forgot the password of your Apple ID, no, because it is easy to restore, which is designed for a simple and very useful algorithm. But do not think that in this way your ID at any time can steal — it is not. To recover the password from someone else’s Apple account, a hacker needs to know his victim or at least have access to his mailbox, and now you will understand why.

So, your password for your Apple ID safely lost in the depths of memory to find it there is not possible. To return to the access profile will need to perform only three simple steps, first of which is the need to access the website, need just to restore the access ID. On this website you need to enter the name of your ID and click “Continue”. And don’t worry, this is the official website Apple no one here will steal your personal information.

Proceed to the second step. Here everything is the same just after clicking “Continue” you will select “item to the message via e-mail. On the next page you need to enter the email address that you used when creating your Apple ID, that is during registration. You must have the password of this mailbox is very important.

Typing email address, click “Continue”, then the system will send to the address email with a link to reset your password. This is the third and final step on the way to the goal. Open the received message and click on the contained link and then simply follow the on-screen prompts and at the end enter the new password and be sure to remember, and even better write it down somewhere so you’ll never lose and never forget.

If you do not have access to e-mail, specified at registration in Apple ID, or you do not remember the address, you will have to use an additional method of password recovery. Again follow the first step and the second step select “Answer security questions”. The answers to these questions, you also provided during registration, and they, too, need to remember. Only two of them, plus the system also asks the date of your birth. If done correctly, then at the end you will win a prize — enter the new password and return access to your account.

Two of the most trusted way to re-start using your Apple ID to unlock your iPhone or iPad, but they may not work if you forgot both the email address and answers to questions. In this case there is only one option — to contact the technical support of Apple and try to resolve this issue through it. You may request details of your passport and a photo of the box from iPhone or iPad and a photo of the check for acquisition. But there’s no guarantee that you will meet. And remember, if the smartphone or tablet is locked, then no Apple ID to use them already does not work, and ways to circumvent this protection, both software and hardware simply did not exist. So I advise you to keep your password in a convenient place inaccessible to other people, and then we can avoid many problems.

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