The official method.

2 Oct Microsoft released a new version of Windows update 10 October 2018, which was extremely unfortunate. When you install the update part of the files that many users have been permanently removed. Today, Microsoft announced that there is a way to recover deleted files.

Microsoft has announced that the company intends to help anyone who is faced with the problem. To do this, Microsoft will consider each case of deletion of files because of updates to Windows 10 on an individual basis.

However, in order to get help from Microsoft users themselves need to contact customer support of the company. After that, Microsoft will provide special tools to return all of the deleted files.

Computer users running Windows 10 expressed his dissatisfaction with such decision problems. They believe that Microsoft should release a patch that would have restored the deleted files. But at the moment of such plans is not reported.

Contact Russian support for Microsoft number 8-800-200-80-01.

Failed Windows update 10 October 2018 update was suspended. Now its automatic installation is not possible, which eliminates the risk of deleting files from users who have not yet updated. However, many users have decided not to risk it in the future and completely disable Windows automatic updates 10. About how to do it we spoke in detail in this manual.

Source: Microsoft.


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