Along with the many useful ports like SD card slot, Apple has removed from new MacBook Pro the magnetic connector for charging MagSafe. Fortunately, it can be easily returned, reports BGR.

Way to safely charge your Mac lacks many of the users. Before all praised Apple’s decision: if the old laptops accidentally touch the cord, it just disconnects from the body, and the device will remain on the table.

Now the MacBook Pro remains only the USB connector. If you accidentally trip over a wire connected to it, it will pull the laptop behind and the fall of the machines can not be avoided. But Power Trend of Fast Charging 86W Magnetic Reversible USB-C Cable solves the problem.

Cost $ 19 on Amazon, the cord is a standard USB C cable on one side and a magnetic nozzle with the other. It works just like good old MagSafe, so the charging speed of the Mac is not reduced even for a minute.

Among the features of Fast Charging Power Trend 86W Magnetic Reversible USB-C Cable:

  • qualitative materials of a covering wire, which guarantees high durability;
  • fast charging power up to 20V/4.3 A

Accessory is not only compatible with the new MacBook Pro with USB-C, but with some Windows laptops and Android smartphones, like the Chromebook Pixel, HP Spectrex360, Microsoft Surface Book, Samsung S8, Huawei P9&P10, and others.


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