Show you how to play Playstation 4 with Mac only, DualShock 4 controller and access to the Internet.

Cloud gaming is a phenomenon that is slowly but surely intruding into our daily lives. With the development of high-speed Internet and increase processor performance technologies allow you to run powerful games on the computers with the highest performance. And platform involved in this, it is absolutely not important.

The PS4 has an option that allows you to play any game available on console through the device on Mac OS. Moreover, the console can be in one end of the world, and the owner in another. The main conditions, without which the system does not work, is the presence of the joystick on the PS4 with wire to attach to a Mac and an Internet connection. The network should be as console and computer, and the speed must not fall below 12 Mbps.

First you need to make sure that the console is either on or is in sleep mode, otherwise play will not work. If you went to school in another city, and the console was left at home with relatives, ask them to turn the power on PS4 and play on health.

The connection of “Mac and Curling irons” comes with the app “PS4 Remote play”. You can download it here after downloading you need to install, and if all goes well, the screen will display the following window. The program is installed.

After launching it, connect to the Mac controller from the PS4. Can be wired by either using the wireless adapter.

Then you need to click the launch button to log in to your account (if your console and computer are on the same network, authorization is not required) and the screen will display the familiar home screen of the console.

On the official Sony website, it says that some games don’t support cloud-based game mode, however I have not yet met.

Looks like the Doom 2016 2017 MacBook Air.

I should add that the PS4 and PS4 Slim support sending pictures only in 720p, using Pro PS4 can be played on Mac even in Full HD.


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