Work and unusual way!

2019 in Russia increased the VAT rate from 18% to 20%, and with it grew and the price of cell phones. Most operators raised their prices not 2%, as expected, and by 5-8%! Is no exception and is popular in Russia operator Tele2, which increased the fee for archived rates. How to save on communications at Tele2, if you pay more due to the increase in VAT does not want? The subscribers shared a great way that really works.

How to save money in Tele2 after raising VAT

Only in the last couple of days, several callers shared their opinion about a very original method to reduce the fee according to the tariff Tele2. The way to truly work on all operators.

Most of the positive reviews have appeared under the story of one of abonents Tele2, which spoke about the successful reduction of fees at the rate for the whole year.

She found that the Board in its tariff Tele2 became more 20 rubles only on 19 January, although the increase occurred much earlier. She was very upset and called the support of Tele2.

And here begins the most important part. There she very calmly and politely explainedthat, unfortunately, due to the increase in price she will have to find a cheaper tariff from another operator. It is noteworthy that she wasn’t trying to imply staff support Tele2 about the discount, just shared their discontent.

And that is the correct hint, in support of Tele2 asked her to get a personal offer. She was transferred to a special Department, the employee of which it reiterated its claims, of course, in a mild form.

Employees of a special Department offered her a large discount of 40% on bond for a year. Thus, the girl will not have to pay increased due to the increase in VAT monthly fee.

After the girl told this story in social networks, others have also tried to use method. And it turned out many — Tele2 do generously gives personal discounts, if the “right to ask”.


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