In the Notes app for iOS introduces the ability to automatically transfer photos and videos directly to the library user.

Sometimes while taking notes sometimes it is useful to take a picture or shoot a video. In the Notes app there is the ability to automatically transfer media files to the media library device.

By default, the pictures of the notes do not fall into the “Photo” because some users do not want to clutter library. For example, if the shopping list attached photograph with packing the right kind of pasta, it is not necessarily needed in the common tape. If notes are used for other purposes, for example, to sort the acceptable types of furniture, or something of that kind, it may be useful to move photos to your library.

How to automatically save Photos photos and videos from iOS

To quickly save photos and videos from “Notes”, it is enough to change one option.

• Open the Settings app and find the Notes.
• Scroll down to the section “Media” with the option of “Save to Photos”. Tap on the slider and the app will automatically save media files to your library.

Now pictures and videos taken in the “Notes”, you can see in the Photos.


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