If you want to create a successful business, one desire is not enough. You need to consider every detail, to read the information, do not hesitate to ask questions of experienced colleagues. Especially for those who want to start a business, we wrote this article, an expert which was made by the head of Department of development of software products to the cloud service of preparing business plans BPE24 Milik Anna.

1. The idea

The business “took off”, we need a fresh idea. This was the case with Apple, Google, Amazon and other giants, who started literally in the garage. Thinking through ideas in advance, and not the embodiment of her life “how is it going” is the key to success. As told to Anna Milik, when starting a business you should know: — Who is the consumer of the products or services. The idea may be brilliant, but not finding the consumer, business risks very quickly to close. The exceptions are government contracts with the finished contracts, but to reach a level of a startup is almost impossible. — In what quantities and of what quality selected products or services are required in the market. There is no demand — the idea of failure. The exception of innovative ideas that are not yet on the market. — What are the advantages over competitors. Your idea may not be new, but if it compares favorably with similar, to entice customers is not difficult.

When the businessman opens his case, all his thoughts are connected with pondering the sale of a business, and often there is a feeling that when it all starts, then consumers will not rebound. The most common mistake that a businessman exaggerates the importance of business-to-consumer at an early stage and does not evaluate it objectively, losing a market of already present players.

2. Business plan

The next step after creating an idea — preparation of a competent business plan. At this stage you can get stuck, as the development of a business plan is a complex process that requires specific knowledge. We wondered why so important a business plan, because it had somehow managed without them, and Anna Milik answered this question:

The drafting of the document (business plan) — this is a deliberate study of all aspects of the activities that lead to specific financial results. And if it is a compilation of the document including any features (of the Bank’s requirements, standards), then this is the opportunity to look at your business from different angles, taking into account the main evaluation parameters, which have long been used in the world a large number of companies.

In other words, the business plan helps to see the idea and understand whether it is implementation, what profit will bring and how it can be scaled. To simplify the business plan was created BPE24. This service allows you to create business plans in minutes, using ready-made templates. To create a business plan, the service does not require special knowledge or skills — enough to drive in the template information and click “Calculate” and get the finished document, which can go to the Bank. Service BPE24 easy to use, organized in steps, and provides detailed tips on every step of the way. Read more about the functionality of the service BPE24 →

In addition to these advantages, the service has many advantages: — the Possibility of free use. In demo mode you can create up to 10 business plans in a week. — Development from scratch or using templates. It is possible to create unique projects with detailed study, and to apply templates to design business plans in minutes. — Professional assistance of the staff of the service. If even after learning the process of creating a business plan, there remains for you a Chinese puzzle, the staff BPE24 will help to create a project of any complexity.

First, we provide a tool that will allow you to start planning your business. In addition, the team of consultants is ready to help in the development of software products and building the planning process and, as a result, the development of a business plan. And of course, we can help solve clearly defined tasks, starting with the expertise already developed a business plan and ending with the development of a business plan.

— All tables, figures and graphics available. Detailed diagrams that will be useful for understanding the cost and profit figures, as well as for a greater probability of obtaining a Bank loan. Also the service includes a library of charts and the possibility of adding your own charts. — A variety of tariffs. From free demo mode and a STANDARD rate of 3 thousand roubles a month for budding entrepreneurs to corporate rate for 12 thousand rubles a month, providing powerful tools for creating complex business plans. And this is only part of the advantages of the service BPE24. Worth a try at least a demo mode to understand how the service simplifies the creation of business plans. To write a business plan in the service BPE24 →

3. Resources

As told to Anna Milik, is a successful businessman who thinks in advance several types of resources: 1. Cash. Remember that money is almost always sufficient, and the calculation of costs should include a minimum of 20% additional funds in excess of planned expenditures as a contingency Fund. Separately, care should be taken to further attract investors (not banks and loans, and individuals). These investors, unlike banks, often require a more detailed study of the idea and the business plan. In this case also you will need a service BPE24 since version STANDARD. 2. Labour resources. The quality of the team depends on the profits and trust from customers and partners. 3. Material resources. Furniture, office equipment, components.

4. Scaling

Even if the idea and the business plan is flawless in the short term, but without the growth prospects of the company and will remain on the same level. The possibility of expanding activities of the company allows to gradually reach a wider audience of consumers, new markets and, consequently, increase profits. By the way, the service BPE24 provides the ability to analyze project profitability, evaluating financial results, and provides a complete set of investment indicators to attract investors to further scale the business.

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