Good opportunity to save money.

Music streaming service “Yandex.The music is” every year becoming more and more popular in Russia. Including due to the fact that “Yandex” regularly arranges a variety of events, allowing to subscribe to the service at a discount. One of these shares of “Yandex.Music” holds right now, giving users the ability to start using the service with a really big discount.

How to subscribe to “Yandex.Music” with a huge discount

“Yandex.Music” offers to apply for a paid annual subscription service with almost double the discount. The campaign is 1690 rubles, users can subscribe to the service for a year for just 990 rubles. The subscription is executed fully, without any restrictions.

In order to subscribe to “Yandex.Music” in special circumstances, you can go to this page of the official service website and click “Music for a year for 990 ₽”. On the page “Yandex” warns that the number of subscriptions for the shares is strictly limited, so take advantage of the opportunity by no means all.

The Share Of “Yandex.Music” will be held until 31 December or until until paid subscription at a bargain price will not end.

Source: Yandex.Music.


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