Apple cares about the security of information of its users and comes up with new ways to protect it. So, the iPhone has a number of locking systems, and for example, if incorrectly 10 times to enter a password or PIN, it is locked forever. But there are ways around the lock, even if you forget the password, and one of them will work in your situation. It is important to remember that if, in some cases, information in the device memory can be deleted, so don’t forget to do a backup. So, the four most reliable method of unlocking iPhone.

1. With the help of iTunes when the previous synchronization

This is the easiest way. If you forgot the password on my iPhone, but recently did a sync with iTunes, then connect your smartphone to PC, where the backup is stored, preferably in the recovery mode. Make sure that the smartphone is stood current version of the firmware, and iTunes has been updated. In the application, click Synchronize, and then click Restore data from backup. Profit.

2. Unlock iCloud

It is also an effective method, but only works on smartphones with enabled Find my iPhone. For this you need to sign in to iCloud from any device by entering your Apple ID password. Next, select at the top of the screen a list of “All devices”, there locate and click on it. Then click on “Erase “imavshimsya”. Memory for iPhone is completely free and is a minus, but the password is also deleted, and this is a plus. After the operation, simply restore the data from backup, and can use the device further.

3. Reset the counter of incorrect attempts to enter

If in your head are stored dozens of passwords, but cannot remember which one from the IPhone, this option is for you. You can sort out passwords indefinitely, if to reset counter of incorrect attempts to enter. To do this, connect your smartphone with enabled Wi-Fi or mobile Internet to PC via USB cable, run iTunes and select “Devices”, then “Sync with device name”. After the start of the synchronization attempt counter is reset, and password recovery

4. The installation of the new firmware

Method is reliable, but requires time and good Internet, as the firmware will have to choose, and each of them weighs more than 1 GB. It is better to download the distributions with the largest popular sites — so less likely to atypical smartphone. Download the desired firmware in the IPSW extension, place it in the folder C:Documents and Settingsuser nameApplication DataApple ComputeriTunesiPhone Software Updates. Then connect the smartphone via USB cable to the computer, launch iTunes, select your device, press on the keyboard CTRL key and click “Restore iPhone”. Now you can select the desired firmware file, and everything else the program itself will do. The result should be completely cleared of personal data and passwords smartphone. In the case of success is just roll forward a backup — and the device is ready to use.

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