Apple Pencil, which is worth 6990 rubles, works only with the iPad Pro and iPad 2018. Initially, the pencil cannot be connected to iPhone or old iPad, but there is a hack that corrects this deficiency.

Author iDeviceHelp channel has released a video which explained how to make Apple Pencil with other iOS devices. This will require very Apple Pencil, an iPhone, a napkin and water.

Apple Pencil you need to wrap the napkin so that the tip of the pencil left a little bit open. You then need to add on a napkin with a little water, as shown in the video. Then Apple Pencil will be able to work with any iOS devices.

Apparently, water helps the pencil to make the necessary contact with the screen. Interestingly, after this Apple Pencil trick works well not only with modern screens, but the iPad 3 display.


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