How to use old Apple Watch as a sleep tracker

How to use old Apple Watch as a tracker znepole the release of the Apple Watch Series 4, many users wondered what to do with old smart hours. The first generation Apple Watch is unlikely to be expensive to sell, give away the device for nothing is not desirable.

But for everyday use they are already really weak. Applications run for too long, constant freezes and reboots.

Use the old clock better as a sleep tracker. So you will be able to justify the once-coveted and long-awaited purchase.

Given that Apple uses a single platform for the exchange of physiological data of the user HealthKit, you’ll receive all information from the new Apple Watch, and night and quality of sleep.

And all this in one app.

The best sleep trackers for the Apple Watch

In App Store there are a lot of various programs that make the tracking of sleep in a fascinating statistical summary.

Here are some of them:

AutoSleep — 229 RUB
Beddit — Free

Pillow — Free

Sleep++ For Free

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock — Free

Sleep Watch For Free

A few words about each app.

In may 2017, Apple acquired app developer Beddit. Since no updates and updates. It seems that in the future the algorithms, Beddit Apple developers integrate in the regular feature set iOS. And while you have to download a separate app.

Sleep Cycle — a very popular tracker with a separate app for the Apple Watch. Required start and stop sleep sessions manually.

AutoSleep, Pillow, Slepp++ — trackers from the category of “put and forgotten. Yourself monitor your sleep and provide you with detailed information about your night.

Remember to create a sleep mode
Step 1. Before you can use the old Apple Watch as a tracker, put them in sleep mode. So you protect yourself from notifications, calls and constant switching of the display.

Step 2. Use the Watch app tab My watch and activate the automatic switching function to each time not to tell the iPhone what watch you are wearing.

Step 3. If the old Apple Watch support watch OS 5 and you have already updated, turn off the automatic warnings while raising the pulse.

It is necessary for the reason that during sleep your heart rate will be significantly lower than during wakefulness. Disable such notifications (on the lowering or raising of the pulse) and on the iPhone.

Step 4. In the control Center on Apple Watch (swipe down) activate icon masks, the moon, and a crossed-out bell.

Now the old Apple Watch are ready to work as a sleep tracker.

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