From an article published December 28, 2018 in a Taiwanese newspaper Zisun, it became known that Russia’s largest payment service Yandex. Money together with AliExpress, a platform for e-Commerce owned by Alibaba Group, conducted a study of Russian users AliExpress. The study showed that the number of orders placed by the Russians on this site a e-Commerce in December 2018 at 105% higher than in December 2017.

Weekend in the New year in 2019 will last 10 days. Compared to December 2017 December 2018 the spending of users in Russia has increased by 12%, as compared to other months of 2018 is 20%.

The head of AliExpress in Russia Liu Wei said that the Russian users visit the website of the store without any specific purpose, the recent popularity of the search keyword “New year, Christmas.” Until 20 December 2018 the “New year and Christmas” was in the top 20 key words you type in the search bar on AliExpress.

The report said that at present, AliExpress is the largest platform for Internet trading in Russia, on average using it every sixth Russian. Among the most common new year’s gifts which the people of Russia are buying on AliExpress, home goods, decor items, appliances and electronics, such as: wreaths, curtains, garland of LED lights these goods in December 2018 bought 20% more than in December 2017. The most popular brands of electronic devices in 2018 of steel Xiaomi, Apple and Huawei.

The results of the study also showed that Russians are increasingly starting to like the “purchased” Christmas products on AliExpress. According to the Reference website News, genuine love “of the people fighting” won the Chinese embroidery, for two years the greatest demand on AliExpress the Russians, enjoy cross stitch with the use of precious stones.

“We understand that Russia gradually takes the format of Internet trade, in which there is AliExpress, it becomes a favorite among the millions of people of this country. Russian buyers are sure the more often you make a purchase on AliExpress, the more expensive things falls your choice”. Deputy commercial Director of Yandex. Money Anna Kuzmina noted that “despite the constant improvement of customer service on AliExpress, level of service, including payment, is improving. For modern Russians it is difficult to imagine New year or any other occasion passed without shopping on AliExpress”.

It is reported that in the past few years, the Chinese logistics company Cainiao Smart Logistics Network, together with the Russian logistics companies establish in Russia a more stable and modern logistics network. In may 2018 Cainiao has invested more than 500 million rubles in the construction of a new warehouse in Moscow, which day is up to 100 thousand parcels. Among all foreign warehouses in Moscow successfully approximate the ideal “delivery on the day of the order.”

As you know the main buyers of the goods on AliExpress are living in Russia, USA, Brazil, Spain and France. People from anywhere in the world can buy Chinese products directly from China or from retailers. The AliExpress website is not only in English but in many other languages, including Russian, Portuguese, Spanish and French.

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