Moscow, may 15 — “News. Economy.” Chinese smartphone maker Huawei and South Korean competitor Samsung has settled a long-running dispute about patent infringement, reports Beijing Business Today citing a court document.


The two tech giants have reached an agreement that will provide the basis for cross-use of patents of both parties, follows from the document High people’s court of Guangdong province.

In addition, other lawsuits filed by Huawei and Samsung against each other in connection with the patent infringement will be resolved.

Both companies start to work on removing the charges. The details of the agreement are not specified.

Meanwhile, industry sources say that Qualcomm can turn its attention to Huawei after the chip maker reached an agreement with Apple a month ago.

Qualcomm said earlier that the negotiations with Huawei are continuing.

Sources familiar with the situation say that negotiations are at an advanced stage, Huawei may have to pay Qualcomm royalties of more than $500 million a year.

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