But sales of smartphones Huawei is unlikely to help.

Chinese company Huawei mockingly commented on the fines, assigned to Apple and Samsung for the deliberate reduction in the performance of their smartphones. Full of sarcasm message, with a hint of superiority Huawei smartphone have appeared in the official account in Twitter.

A Huawei representative said that a similar move by the company is excluded. She cares too much about users and would never understate the performance of their smartphones, hinting that the necessity of updates.

As emphasized in Huawei, the company’s portfolio all the smartphones are fast, and will remain so in the future. As a perfect all round smartphone was called Huawei Mate Pro 20, presented to the public at the presentation of the company on 16 October in London.

Huawei’s statement contrasts sharply with the unscrupulous actions of Samsung and Apple. According to employees of the Antimonopoly authority of Italy, the two companies made a serious violation of consumer rights. Samsung and Apple had warned users of its Galaxy smartphones and iPhone about slowing down after the latest software update. In this case, Apple “paid” for what he hid from iPhone information about the degradation of the battery. For that Samsung and Apple were fined 5 and 10 million euros respectively.

Source: Twitter


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