Huawei has ousted Apple’s published rating of top smartphonefree Apple is no longer the leader among smartphones, reports The Guardian. They published a new ranking where first place takes the gadget from Huawei. The list includes smartphones worth 500 — 1000 pounds.

Huawei Mate 20 Pro was named the most modern and functional phone 2018. It benefits the facial recognition system, sensitive to the degree of pressing the fingerprint scanner, three cameras on the rear panel of 6.38-inch OLED screen, a graceful curved case and easy to handle.

In second place is Apple iPhone XS. His strengths — convenient sized and comfortable to watch videos and easily fit a smartphone in their pockets, dual cameras, facial recognition, high performance. The lack of charging enough for a day, while many competitors work in two days.

Also, the rating includes OnePlus 6T and Google Pixel 3. OnePlus 6T about half the price of the smartphones located in the first position, and this is its great advantage. Plus a large screen, thin bezels, fingerprint scanner, ultra-fast charging. The downside is the camera quality worse than the competition.

Strengths Google Pixel 3 — advanced software, good single camera and updates for Android. Drawback — without recharging the smartphone is just about a day. However, this fact is somewhat kompensiruet fast charging.

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