Not so long ago, representatives of Huawei, during his presentation spoke about the release of several brand-new devices. One of them was “smart” column, is endowed with a built-in voice assistant, resembling the appearance of the Apple HomePod. And then, finally, her sales began. The cost model is $57.

Externally, the model is called Huawei AI Speaker resembles a “blown” cylinder, covered the top with mesh. The design is really strongly resembles Apple HomePod. However, there are some features of Amazon Echo Plus. Buyers can choose one of two options proposed colors: jet black or white. The device worked well as the Danish manufacturer Dynaudio, and if it were used in algorithms for improving sound from Histen. Smart column was equipped with two of 2.25-inch speakers, six microphones on the top panel, and the control unit, in which a key for opening the contacts of the microphones. The device is able to recognize speech of the user from five meters, despite the fact that the room has a background noise like running TV or loud music.

But the “smart” column makes the presence of voice assistant: in this case, the assistant, referred to as Xiaoyi. His power to control the elements of “smart home”, to notify the owner about the events in the calendar, share news, etc. the Only negative at the moment, he speaks exclusively in Chinese. When will be other languages not reported. The assistant will answer any questions to tell us the weather by an alarm clock or tell children stories.

Since the beginning of the sales HomePod it’s been more than six months, but despite this, the product never became popular among consumers. According to research analyst firm Strategy Analytics, the share smart speaker Apple today does not exceed 4% of the total market of smart speakers, and for a long time, this figure remains unchanged. Leaders in this category were recognized as solutions from Amazon and Google, the total share of which covers 80% of the market smart column.

As for Apple HomePod, this smart column despite the biggest brand and the hype, failed to achieve great popularity. Moreover, the device even managed to surpass the sales of the children’s version of the column on the Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition. The reasons are plenty, but the most important is the prohibitively high cost. In the USA the HomePod for $349.

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