A month ago, IDC announced that Huawei for the first time surpassed Apple in sales of smartphones in the world and took second place in the market. Now this conclusion is confirmed by Gartner, which has just summed up the second quarter on the international smartphone market in 2018.

Sales of smartphones Huawei increased by 38.6% compared with the level a year ago and reached 49,84 million units with market share at 13.3%. Apple slightly increased from 44.31 million to 44.71 million, but market share has fallen from 12.1% to 11.9%.

The first place is Samsung with a share of 19.3% and sales volumes at the level of 72,33 million However, compared to the previous year, its results are worse, then, for the second quarter, it sold 82,85 million smartphones and reached the share of 22.6%. Fourth and fifth places are occupied by Chinese manufacturers Xiaomi and Oppo from 32.82 million/8.8% of 28.51 million and 7.6%.

As for operating systems, just over a quarter were sold 329,5 million Android smartphones of 44.71 million iPhone and 112,1 million smartphones based on other OS.


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