Shenzhen, China — find themselves in a difficult situation of the Chinese giant from the sphere of high technologies “Huawei” is suing the U.S. government. Today it is the most aggressive step for the company, which has decided to give a sharp response to accusations that its products represent a threat to global security.

“Huawei”, the world’s largest manufacturer of telecommunications equipment, was made on Thursday with the announcement that she was sued in Texas court in which he challenged the recently enacted American law forbidding Federal agencies to buy its products.

“This ban is not only illegal. It also deprives the “Huawei” opportunity to engage in fair competition, which ultimately harms American consumers,” — said at a press conference in the headquarters of the “Huawei” in Shenzhen, the Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company Ping Guo (Ping Guo). He accused Congress that imposing a ban on the products acted as “judge, juror and executioner”.

Chinese company leading in the production of smartphones, filed in U.S. Federal court, asking to cancel part of the Law on budget allocations for national defence, which was signed by President Donald trump in August. She claims that one section of this act, where state agencies do not use the product “Huawei” and its Chinese competitor ZTE, violates the U.S. Constitution, because without the court chastises the individuals and group of people.

“The U.S. Congress had failed to provide evidence supporting the validity of prohibitions against the product “Huawei”. We have to as a last resort to go for legal protection,” said Guo.

To receive comments on this issue from representatives of the us authorities after hours failed.

“”Huawei” shows that will not succumb to American pressure all over the field”

A lawsuit to a Chinese company puts a fierce confrontation with the U.S. government to a new level.

“Huawei” is one of China’s largest information technology companies, as well as a key player in the production of ultra-fast 5G wireless networks. Its smartphones are competing worldwide with the products of “Apple” and “Samsung”.

But Washington has long suspected that the Chinese government uses the equipment of “Huawei” for spying in other countries, but does not present the specific evidence. “Huawei” States that its owners are the employees of the company, and denies that the products creates a security risk.

“Huawei” has filed a lawsuit in state court in Texas, since there is its American headquarters. This measure could force the us government to nominate a public lawsuit against a Chinese company with the increasing of pressure on her.

The administration of the trump urges allies to impose a ban or restrictions on products, “Huawei” for 5G networks, pointing to the allegations of Chinese espionage, but without providing clear evidence. It interferes with the ambitious development plans of the company and causes complaints by operators that the USA rip them a work on creation of new generation networks.

“”Huawei” shows that will not succumb to American pressure all over the field,” — said the expert in global issues of information technology from consulting firms “, Uraia Group” Gender Triolo (Paul Triolo). “It is unlikely the Chinese will allow the company to regain access to the American market, he continues. However, this is a symbolic step that could affect other players who are thinking about whether or not to introduce restrictions and prohibitions against the “Huawei””.

The governments of Germany and Britain currently decide what kind of restrictions to impose on the equipment of “Huawei”. Australia last year banned the company to supply equipment and software for their networks 5G.

“US hacked our code”

Speaking Thursday at a press conference, he accused the American government of hypocrisy. According to him, the us government is stuck on the “Huawei” label “cyber security threats”, and the “hacking our servers, stealing our email and our software codes.”

It seems that Guo was referring to the posts from 2014, which said the documents passed to the media by former U.S. national security Agency Edward Snowden. It was a big array of data about the activities of U.S. intelligence and surveillance operations.

The us government calls the “Huawei” threat, because she can’t say “no” to the Chinese government.

“Chinese law requires that they pass a huge security apparatus in Beijing any data that fall in their network and equipment”, — said last month Vice-President Mike Pence.

The company on Thursday denied the allegations, reiterating that denied the Chinese government’s request to provide access to the equipment, which it sells to operators, if available. “”Huawei” never put the tools to bypass protection systems and will not to put them, said Guo. And others we also will not allow to put them on our equipment.”

The situation is complicated by the fact that American prosecutors in Washington and in new York filed against the “Huawei” allegations of committing crimes. Last week in Seattle, the company has pleaded not guilty in response to charges that she allegedly tried to steal trade secrets from the company “T-mobile”.

In Brooklyn, the company charged that she acted in circumvention of the American sanctions against Iran, and the hearing is scheduled for mid-month. In this case is the financial Director of “Huawei” Meng Wanzhou. In December she was arrested in Canada and now she is facing extradition to the US.

Man and “Huawei” deny all charges.

Your story gave sandy Sidhu (Sidhu Sandi) and Eric Chung (Eric Cheung).

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