But something went wrong.

In one of the latest commercials Huawei has been caught attempting to mislead users. The allegedly taken on the front camera of the smartphone Huawei Nova 3, turned out to be fake. Actually the photo was taken with a professional camera.

Short is Nova 3 Huawei has published Huawei Egyptian unit. Actress Sarah Alshami, who played in the movie, posted on his Instagram a picture from the set, showing the photographer with SLR camera. Moreover, the hand of her partner on the video, Ahmed Magdy, not even a smartphone. In this view, it allegedly makes a selfie with his girlfriend using the front camera of the smartphone. Doubt is also the quality of the other photos seen in the advertisement.

Note that Huawei never said that image advertising done on Nova 3 Huawei. And yet in the video it clearly hinted, introducing potential buyers astray.

A screenshot from Instagram of the actress. Source: Reddit

At the time of writing the news pictures from the filming deleted from the profile of the actress. However, disgruntled users managed to make screenshots.

The Chinese smartphone manufacturer is not the first time comes to distorting the facts about their devices. Previously, the company artificially reduced the thickness of the framework for rendering the Huawei P8, and were given pictures from the camera to Canon for photos taken on Huawei P9.

Source: The Verge


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