Over the last couple of years, Huawei has notably strengthened its position in the smartphone market, surpassing many major players. And apparently, the Chinese manufacturer has no plans to stop there, wanting to develop success in other areas. For example, in the segment of smart watches. And for this Huawei can be used even by not very legal means.

The resource Information, The shared information that Huawei involved in the US industrial espionage, including against Apple. According to available data, engineers of the Chinese company in the first place interested in some technical features of the Apple Watch.

It is reported that Huawei is trying to get information about Apple developments from several sources. For example, representatives of the Chinese company organized a meeting with former Apple employees or meet with suppliers in an effort to explore some technical features.

The U.S. Department of justice believes that Huawei is a program that rewards employees for stealing secrets from competitors. The amount of remuneration depends on the significance of the information. In this case, Apple is not the only company, which products are interesting to the Chinese competitor. In the past, Huawei tried to find out some specifics about the products Motorola and Cisco.


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