In October, the share of Huawei and its Honor sub-brand in the Russian market of smartphones in monetary terms amounted to 24.4%, and Samsung to 23.3%. It follows from the materials of the partner of several manufacturers of electronics (data confirmed by the staff of the two retailers). In September, Huawei and Samsung took the money of 24.5 and 26.1%, according to the materials consulted by Vedomosti. Thus, in October, Huawei has displaced Samsung from the 2nd place in sales of smartphones in Russia, follows from them. Huawei in October took 2nd place in sales of smartphones in the money, and Samsung was third, confirms the Vice-President of sales “Messenger, Euronetwork” David Borzilov.

At the 1st place in Russia traditionally Apple — iPhone in October amounted to 37.7% in monetary terms. Compared with September, the end of which began in Russia sales of the new flagships Apple iPhone Xs and Xs Max, this share increased by 5.2 p. p.

Only in Russia in October 2018 was sold 2.86 million smartphones almost RUB 16.9 bn

In October 2017 and Huawei Honor held approximately 9% of the Russian smartphone market in money and about 11% in units, followed from the same materials a year ago.

The representative of Huawei explains the success that both brands are presented in Russia in a wide price range. In October started selling 8x Honor and passed a pre-order for the flagship Huawei Mate 20, he adds.

2nd highest number sold in Russia smartphones Huawei took in February, ahead of Apple: 17,4 versus 14%. In June, Huawei came in 1st place, surpassing Samsung (the share of Chinese companies then amounted to 24.4%). From the report, which read “Vedomosti”, it follows that in October, the Huawei/Honor fell 31% sold in Russia smartphones.

The release of the new iPhone not affected the sales of Huawei due to its wide model range, notes the General Director of Telecom Daily Denis Pieces: relatively cheap devices the Chinese do not compete with the flagships of Apple. Samsung in the mid-price segment vehicles are now very few, continues Pieces. The rich lineup of the active marketing and promotion with operators and retailers has allowed Huawei to significantly increase market share, he concluded.

According to the partner of several manufacturers of electronics, in October 1st to 4th place in unit sales in Russia held the Honor smartphones, their average price — 600 RUB 8700-13 the average price of smartphones in Russia in October amounted to about 16 900 RUB.

Successful sale of Honor devices in the price range of 10 000-20 000 RUB allowed Huawei to avoid the falling share of the money, said an employee of one of the retailers. As for Samsung, the interest in its flagship Galaxy S9 released in the spring, sleep in October, buyers were primarily interested in the new iPhone, he explains. Employee of another retailer also links the drop in shares of Samsung with the release of the new iPhone: Apple stronger audience intersects with the Samsung than with Huawei.

The Samsung has slightly updated the model range in the medium price segment — hence the decline in sales, says a leading analyst of Mobile Research Group Eldar Murtazin.

Sales of Huawei Honor in Russia in the IV quarter compared to the same period last year increased by more than 2.5 times and in pieces and in money, says the representative of “M. video-Eldorado” Valery Andreyev, and its network even faster: in 3.5 times the money and 4 times. According to her, Huawei helped the start of sales of the 8x Honor in October, but it’s not just that: Huawei began to actively compete with Apple and Samsung in the segment of expensive smartphones. The manufacturer timely responded to the shift in demand in the higher price segment, offering buyers of expensive machines a good combination of price, functionality and design, she said.

The increase in the share of the Chinese manufacturer was affected by entry in 2018, a new line of devices in the budget and mainstream segment, as well as active marketing promotions, said the representative of MTS Alexey Merkulov. Borzilov also notes the variety of smartphones Huawei.

A Samsung spokesperson declined to comment.

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