I visited the Apple Store in Berlin. In Russia, this is not (yet)

In Russia, this is not (yet) Remember, in 2011 in Russia walked inevitably the rumors about the imminent opening of a real Apple Store in Moscow.

It really happened, but in a slightly different format — the Department store, the Apple Shop. Like as official, but the signs do not…

Since then, the concept of the Apple stores have changed, including the design and interior. It would be logical to call them showrooms, excuse me for the Americanism.

The trip to IFA in Berlin I decided to go to the local flagship Apple Store and see how it all works. At the same time to tell you if you have not been in the “real” store.

In fact, a small photo gallery below.

Where is the main Apple Store in Germany

Where: Berlin, Kurfürstendamm 26, 10719 (Google map)

Address in Russian: Berlin, kurfürstendamm str., 26.

When is open: weekdays from 10 to 20, Friday from 8 to 20, Saturday from 10 to 20, Sunday — closed

Pass by this Apple Store is quite simple. About his work saying only two small lightbox on the wall of the building and a trio of street billboards. No giant logos, such as on 5th Avenue in new York.

If suddenly you will not find at once, a couple of leads. A two minute walk on the same side of the street there is a large center of Superdry clothes, and a little further — a giant five-storey hypermarket of electronics the German brand Saturn.

Emphasize that on Sunday, the Apple Store is completely closed. This is a purely German thing: most of the shops are closed on Sunday, even the grocery. So if you are planning a trip, don’t do it on the last day.

How it works in the German Apple Store

1. The doors are fully open, so it seems that the store continues the street. Not usual in Russia “Hello, what are you interested in” or “now we have a promotion on accessories.” Hoey
2. This Apple Store is divided into two rooms. The first is a giant show room with two dozen tables and high ceilings. When you come for the first time, lost. Part of the reason next to the entrance is two or three consultants, ready for anything.

3. The tables are divided as to devices and by subject. For example, there is a table with iPhones and fast wireless charging. Can your put.

There is a table with an iPad and a stylus. Have iMac Pro and printer type for the job. Is the Apple Watch under glass.

If at least once had to deal with Apple devices, then the tables there is nothing special. Unless you can sit down and work right for them. Some of them do.

By the way, every table crammed utterly full of hidden compartments, electronics, wires. Some have even imperceptible printer receipts.

4. What we will see is the seminars and training programs on a variety of topics right in the store. When I came for the first time, seven people sat at makbukom and learned how to work with documents in iWork.

Go to seminars Apple Store absolutely free. In the process you do not “sell”, just tell and teach. Optional to bring your equipment: everything you need, be it iPhone, iPad, or MacBook, you will be given just at the time of the seminar.

5. The workshops are announced in the store on demo devices, and on the website Apple.com/de. There is a schedule.

When I came (September 1), this App Store not only taught to work in iWork. In the afternoon people were going to walk through with an expert. With its official or iPhone you would go in the center of Berlin and shot stylish trendy frames where you show.

Similar thing in Russia organizes the re:Store. Their program is available here.

6. Employees go with aypeda and iPhones. The latter is inserted in the wireless terminal. With the iPhone, the consultant checks the product availability, opens the hidden compartment in the tables and prepares any purchase.

They speak German (who would have thought) and in English. Even if knowledge of English you are almost there, you still try to help to the maximum.

7. If you buy safety glass for the iPhone in the App Store, glue it for free. And do not do it by hand.

For labels use a special fixture rather creepy. But it’s cool. The glass falls on the display is accurately, without dust and air bubbles.

Glass for iPhone X from Belkin cost something like 29 euros — about how we in the Federal network.

8. People come to the Apple Store not just to buy something. I remind you — before you are not just consultants some local network, and employees of the retail Apple. So, they are willing to help with any questions, including technical and stupid.

Come to the local Apple Store more often in order to solve the problem. For example, an elderly couple asked me to take a family iCloud account. Next a woman with a child (pictured) asked the employee to set some change on the iPad.

Then you will not say that consultation costs money. And will not offer to take “the package”. Given the overall relaxed atmosphere, it becomes clear why the Apple stores in Europe and the United States are perceived more as a meeting place of than purchases.

9. Apple gadgets do not stand on the shelves in boxes, they need to speak to the staff. Everything else is in a separate room. Surprised by the lighting — it is almost there, and as for me, there is quite dark. Price tags are not visible, they stuck to the packaging in the back.

Everything is laid out so that you can touch and get out of the box. Any case you can try right off the shelf. Headphones and speakers allow to hear with his device and installed in front of the player.

The idea behind merchandising is to get you to take the goods in hands, to twist it, to be interested in yourself. Noticed that no one closed the glass case? I wonder how the fight with the thieves, in addition to on duty in the hall of the guards.

10. To buy any of the Apple gadgets in Germany is unprofitable, if you pay in rubles. Prices in the European Union is not always equal to those in the United States, even nominally. For example:

iPhone XS in USA: from $999 (65 750 RUB.)

iPhone XS in Germany: from £ 1149 (88 990 RUB.)

iPhone XS in Russia from 87 990 rubles.

The difference between the iPhone ten es in America and Europe — an impressive 23 thousand rubles. a penny.

Yes, there are taksfri. But even with it you will save literally 7-12 thousand RUB from iPhone prices in euros only, at best, discourage tickets. Personally I would wait for the release (and took) from us, since he will be held tomorrow morning.

11. Purchase from Apple Store still give the signature translucent bags with drawstring and logo. To be honest, they are not for everybody. Maybe the fan for the souvenir coming, but to wear them buy the city is not very convenient.

Hey, Siri, why we do not have?

Over the past few years the retail strategy of Apple in Russia became apparent: instead of stores as such she wants to open a branded zone on the territory of the Federal hypermarkets of electronics. More and more every year, and in each (if that) working full-time employee of the company.

But if Apple decides to open a full-fledged official Apple Store in Russia, it has to solve a serious issue: how to protect goods from theft when they can be used virtually without restrictions.

Goods freely lie on the shelves, and no one is above the soul, when you watch, try on a iPhone or even unpack for fun. Want to take and work this MacBook a few hours at the other table? It is possible. Well, then maybe.

The atmosphere of the flagship Apple Store is noisy, but curious. Do not feel that there is generally something to sell. Just go-look, pritsenivayutsya, friendly communicate with consultants and then go out with a smile and detail.

By the way, at the start of sales iPhone XS I went to the store, your experience described in the review.

Which Apple store in Europe recommend you visit the following? Still in Berlin, despite the atmosphere was quite dull — especially in terms of architecture.

PS it will be Interesting to compare their place and ours. I do not see any differences, except for the lack of posters with the prices for the place. The same bought and huckster, just kind of Slavic. The country and the mentality is changing, but the desire for quick bucks — no:

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