Contrary to analysts about the explosive popularity of iPhone available 9 with LCD-screen and a single camera, consumers are much more interested in the more advanced version with a display diagonal of 5.8 and 6.5 inches. It showed a public opinion poll conducted by the phoneArena among its readers.

The majority of survey participants (35%) expressed a desire to purchase the 6.5-inch iPhone 2018. It was he who, in the opinion of this category of respondents, due to the large screen and advanced hardware specifications will best match the title of the flagship smartphone of the current generation.

iPhone 2018

For the second generation iPhone X with improved performance voted by 18% of respondents. This model, suggested by the survey participants, is the essence of the breakthrough experience the Apple, which already was broken in the original model, which in turn will allow to do without unpleasant surprises.

6.1-inch iPhone 9, which is also called conventionally available iPhone, only got 14% of votes. According to some survey participants, “nine”, for all its accessibility still remains enough of a compromise solution to settle for which will be ready far not all fans of the brand.

When he presented the iPhone 9

This year, Apple again presents three iPhone models with diagonals screens of 5.8, 6.1 and 6.5 inches. The smallest and biggest models will have OLED displays and dual cameras, while the medium will settle for a LCD-matrix, aluminum, not an iron frame, and a single PV panel.

All the rest expressed their willingness to purchase the flagship smartphones from other manufacturers.


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