In the past experts have repeatedly called AirPods one of the most popular headphones on the market. The popularity of Apple wireless headset isn’t falling. Users are still actively buying new AirPods. Moreover, if now Apple AirPods singled out into a separate company, it would have easily entered the top 50 most profitable firms in the United States.

According to estimates user @Midaskwant, now the market value of the company AirPods would approximately amounted to $ 175 billion. This figure would allow the company to settle in the 30-35 ranking of the most expensive American companies.

To calculate the hypothetical market value of the company AirPods the user has used open data. Knowing the approximate volume of sales of Apple wireless headphones and the average cost of a device, it is determined that the company’s revenue AirPods will be 20 billion, and a net profit of about 7 billion a year. If you use these data to calculate the ratio price/earnings (P/E) with a conservative approach, the value of the company amounted to 175 billion dollars.

Of course, all calculations are approximate in nature. However, the final result looks impressive.


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