Reputable specialists of the resource iFixit dismantled appeared recently in the sale of the Mac Pro and evaluated the maintainability of the product. Unlike all the latest Apple devices the updated Mac Pro has received almost a perfect score.

According to experts, the Apple engineers managed to create a very successful design. Knows computer very easily. To do this, simply press the latch and slide the latch.

Facilitates the disassembly process and the almost complete lack of wires. All components are interconnected by means of special contacts. The latter even used to connect the power button. A huge plus is the fact that many components use standard connectors.

While talking about the complete modularity and ease of upgrade is not necessary. Users will be able to replace only a few parts. And in this list does not include SSD. The drive is tied to the security chip T2, so change it will not work.

On a scale of maintainability iFixit the new Mac Pro got 9 points out of a possible 10. By this measure, he surpassed his predecessors.


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