Specialists iFixit continue to analyze Apple devices. Today they looked at the body of the new iPad Air. In the process of dismantling the specialists found out that in the “air” tablet hides a lot of solutions that was used in iPad Pro with 10.5.

Experts noted that disassembled the new iPad Air is almost as difficult as other Apple tablets. For fastening the individual elements and modules cupertinos active use of glue, which greatly complicates the process of development and renovation. Ultimately, the repairability of the new iPad Air was valued at only 2 points out of a possible 10.

As for design features, the new “air” tablet is equipped with a battery of two segments between which there is the motherboard – this solution is used in iPad Pro. However, in contrast to the “Proshka” iPad Air does not have a second set of speakers.

Also in the process of dismantling specialists iFixit found that the iPad Air 2019 is equipped with 3 GB of RAM and a battery capacity of 30.8 watts. For comparison, the iPad Air 2 has installed the battery 26.7 watts.


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