On the new MacBook found a protective silicone membrane that should prevent the ingress of dust and crumbs in the keyboard, reports The Verge.

Specialists iFixit disassembled 15-inch MacBook Pro 2018 and found the change in design of the keys. Unlike previous models, the keys are new laptops uses a silicon membrane to a keyboard less clogged.

This change is described in the patent, which Apple filed in March in 2018. It tells about the different methods of protection of the keyboard that would prevent the ingress of crumbs and dust. In the patent application says that the gasket may be made of silicon and act as the membrane.

Apple has never publicly acknowledged the existence of problems with the MacBook Pro keyboard in 2016 and 2017. The company faced a lot of negative reviews and lawsuits. It seems that Apple is serious about this issue, because he tries to solve it. The company also launched an extended warranty for owners of MacBook and MacBook Pro, to free to fix the defective keyboard.


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