iFixit has long been not only responsible for assessing the maintainability of different devices, but also produce their own sets of tools for repairs. Recently they have released a new set called Mac mini Late 2018 Maxxer Memory RAM Upgrade Kit. The novelty should help the owners of the new Mac mini to replace the RAM.

First Mac mini Late 2018 Maxxer RAM Memory Upgrade Kit will be useful for those who have already purchased the Junior version of the “mini” with 8 or 16 GB of RAM. For $ 325, which iFixit is asking for the kit, users will receive not only the tools but also two memory modules with a volume of 16 GB.

Separately, the iFixit staff note that their kit allows you to save money. Instead of having to buy a much more expensive Mac mini with 32 GB of RAM, users can buy the basic version and increase the RAM by using a RAM Upgrade Kit. Thus, consumers can save $ 275.

IFixit also offers other kits for owners of the new Mac mini. In particular, users can purchase the set which includes 16 GB of RAM. It will cost $ 165.


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