The new scheme — be careful.

Regional public center of Internet technologies (ROCIT) has warned Russians about the surge of cases of telephone fraud against clients of Sberbank. It is reported that the new scheme is very simple but it is because of this really dangerous, resulting from intruders injured dozens of clients.

The essence of the scheme

New fraudulent scheme used against Sberbank clients is an improved version of the traditional method of phone fraud. It all starts with the fact that the Bank customer receives a call from landline numbers supposedly on the staff of the savings Bank or “a single financial security.” It is noteworthy that such service in Russia does not exist — it was invented by crooks just to give your call greater importance.

The fraudsters inform the customer of the Bank that his account was suspicious write-off large sums of money. On behalf of the security services they offer to cancel the cancellation and immediately return the money to the account. Scammers emphasize that if not done quickly enough, then the money will return much more difficult, “most likely, waiting up to three weeks.”

This is not the only trick that scammers use to confuse their victims. During the conversation, they diligently repeat the full name of the client, as well as other personal data, which, as many mistakenly believe, can only know the employees of the Bank. Where do they get such data we told below.

Scams require Bank customers personal details that will be able to confirm the last action card. The scammers request a code word or code from the SMS, which may come to the victim’s phone right at the moment of conversation.

Need to know: why do scammers code word?

With SMS, everything is clear — fraudsters need to give them the code to confirm the transfer of money from the card of the victim. But why they might need the code word the Bank card, because without mass the additional information it is useless? Actually it is not, explained by experts.

The scammers call up only those customers of the savings Bank, passport data which they have. For card transactions in the presence of passport data, what is lacking is a code word, which attackers are trying to get.

And where do they get personal information?

Passport data of their victims, the scammers collected from the databases of various web sites, like Dating sites, travel companies, online gaming or win lotteries. It is not excluded that the database on the Internet “merge” collectors. Experts emphasize that the exact origin of such databases is unknown, but certainly the crooks have access to a large amount of personal data of Russians.

Someone actually got hurt?

Affected a lot. Many customers admit that they always considered themselves to be vigilant, but above scams still parted with their money. One of the victims described fraudulent attack, in which she stole all the money from the card Sberbank.

Last Friday I almost stole all the money from the card Sberbank. It was like a zombie Gypsies when you…

Published by Sofia Ivanova Monday, January 28, 2019.

How to protect yourself?

The number one rule and it is simple — never give out on the phone any personal data related to Bank. These Bank employees will not ask you anything like that. And best of all these calls to drop and call back support service of the savings Bank on 900 numbers alone.


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