The average monthly audience of the mobile application “public Services” for the year 2018 increased from 5.6 million users to 9.3 million the Number of visits per month increased from 45 million to 72 million the App has been downloaded in 2018 to more than 17 million times — almost twice more than in the previous year. Since release more than 30 million times.

In 2018, through the app users have completed and sent more than 12.6 million electronic application forms for government services, which is two times more than last year. The most popular service was again able to learn the amount of pension savings of citizens made almost 5.5 million requests.

Registration transport users have submitted about a million statements. Almost 750 thousand applications were received for registration of the passport of the new generation, and 670 thousand — on exams for driving. In 2018 in the five most popular public services available in the mobile application “public Services” includes the services of “Mobile voters”. With his help, more than 550 thousand citizens chose a convenient site for voting in the presidential elections of the Russian Federation.

More than two-fold increase in the popularity of widgets compared to 2017. Online notifications in 2018, the citizens were used by over 770 million times. The widgets displayed on the main page of the mobile application “public Services” and allow a few seconds to obtain data about the avtoshtrafami, tax and court debt with the possibility of transition to payments in one click.

The volume of payments through the app in 2018 increased two times and exceeded 20 billion rubles. The largest share of the total amount was the payment of tax debts — more than 5.7 million of payments in excess of 7.3 billion rubles. The most popular was the opportunity to repay the avtoshtrafami — almost 11 million transactions for a total sum more than 5,3 billion roubles. Users paid nearly 3.8 million state duties amounting to about 5.2 billion rubles and 680 thousand of legal debts in the amount of more than 2.1 billion rubles.

At the end of September 2018 for owners of mobile devices with the iOS operating system became available for the payment of state fees and avtoshtrafami payment system, Apple Pay, in November, this possibility was implemented for the repayment of tax and judicial debts. Since the launch of the service, users made more than 760 thousand transactions for a total sum over 900 million roubles, which is 10% of the total payments. The most popular payment avtoshtrafami — more than 370 thousand payments in excess of 170 million rubles. The largest share of the sum of payments, almost 50%, accounted for payment of tax arrears, almost 220 thousand transactions for the sum over 450 million roubles.

The mobile application “public Services” are highly appreciated by the users. So, the owners of Android devices put the app 4.65 points out of a possible five, and users iOS-gadgets — 4.7 points.

PJSC “Rostelecom” together with the Ministry digital development of Telecom and mass communications is responsible for the operation and development of e-government Infrastructure. Technological partner of the project is OJSC “RT labs”.

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