PJSC “VympelCom” (Beeline brand) announced the results of operation of the retail network. In 2018, the clients began to buy more smartphones that cost more than 30 thousand rubles. Among expensive smartphones increased sales of its flagship models cost from 45 000 rubles. Their sales have increased 2.6 times compared to the 2017 year.

The largest growth in smartphone sales was recorded in Moscow. In the capital the number of sold devices increased by 106%. Customers of Yamal-Nenets Autonomous district in two times ahead of Moscow in the growth of sales of smartphones that cost more than 45 thousand rubles. In the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous district sales of expensive smartphones has increased 5.5 times, and in Moscow 3 times.

The best-selling brands of steel Samsung, Honor+Huawei, Apple, Xiaomi and Nokia. According to the survey of the stores of mobile operators conducted by the Agency “Telecom daily”, Beeline in 2018 leads in the presence of the most popular models of smartphones.

Customers by 23% increased the number of purchases through financial services. More than half of the smartphones worth more than 40 000 was purchased on credit. Interest-free installments accounted for 80% of all loans. The average monthly payment when paying in instalments — 1 700 rubles per month. Comfortable conditions of purchase simplified the purchase of a new smartphone.

The increase in the sales of smartphones contributed to the trade-in. The most popular model that customers gave for trade-in, became iPhone 5S 16 Gb. The average old smartphone was estimated to be 6 000.

In 2018 when buying a smartphone could receive a gift of connection, accessories, and a discount on the purchase of the accessory. More than 50 promotional offers, increased traffic to the stores and promoted the sale of more expensive devices. Only in June the customers in stock with Samsung smartphones gave more than 16 million minutes and more than 548 thousand gigabytes.

Clients have access to the same range throughout Russia. In 2018, the stores Beeline appeared in 360 new cities. In the top five in number of sold smartphones are Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Krasnodar, Kazan, Yekaterinburg.

The main drivers of sales was the increase in chain stores in two times, expanding the range of devices and accessories sales growth through financial services, a record number of promotional offers and the launch in stores of the partner areas (coffee houses, issuing orders, ATMs and others). Study of the stores of mobile operators conducted by the Agency “Telecom daily”, Beeline acknowledged leader in the level of service in 2018.

*According to statistics of JSC “VimpelCom”

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