In 2019 the new iPhone will remain a Lightning connector
The kit also retains its old USB charger is A 5 watt.

According to a report by Macotakara, iPhone-2019 from Apple will be equipped with a Lightning connector, not a USB port. In previous reports it was claimed that Apple was testing “some version” of the phone this year with a USB-C port. In the past year, Macotakara, which has ties with the Asian supply chain, and with the Asian manufacturers of accessories, successfully predicted that the iPad Pro 2018 will be the USB-C and not Lightning.

In the report, Macotakara also claims that iPhone this year again will be supplied by a standard USB charger-A 5 W from Apple included with each phone. If so, this means that you again need to buy a separate USB-C cable to Lightning and power supply USB-C Power Delivery, if you want to have the ability to quickly charge your iPhone for $ 1000.

Apple offered a quick charge on their phones with the IPhone 8 2017, but never included the adapter needed for this in the box.

Apple’s decision to stick to Lightning is not surprising. Yes, the iPad Pro did it, but Apple is positioning it as a replacement laptop, so it should be compatible with different hubs, and accessories designed for MacBook with USB-C. meanwhile, the iPhone has no such ambitions, which means he adequately served by the existing ecosystem of accessories for connectors Lightning.

However, the decision to leave the power supply 5 W USB-A disappointing. Apple has made fast charging in its iPhone 8 in 2017, but won’t include the required adapter in the box, despite the fact that the cost of the devices jumped to the mark in 1000 dollars. This decision made sense when the USB-A was everywhere, but in an era when every model of the MacBook made the switch to USB-C, this practice becomes obsolete.

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