In 2019 will be the Apple iPhone wireless charging other devices, large batteries and frosted glass
Approval TF International Securities analyst Ming Chi Kuo, the report of which we have already learned about the iPad, MacBook Pro and monitor 6K, line 2019 Apple iPhone will not be much different from current offerings. However, the smartphone may receive the frosted glass, as well as new technologies such as “two-way” wireless charging, an ultra-wideband frequency range for enhanced positioning and indoor camera with three lenses.

Apple will release a 32-inch monitor 6K in 2019
In 2019, Apple is planning to make a new 16-inch MacBook Pro for gamers and designers
Apple will release the update iPad Pro and iPad mini, 10.2-inch iPad and a ceramic Apple watch in 2019

The analyst States that all the iPhones 2019 will retain the Lightning connector, and will not use USB-C as the iPad Pro. It is also expected that the iPhone will have a camera Apple TrueDepth stamped on the display.

According to Kuo, TrueDepth, you may receive an upgrade floodlight high power for better face recognition, while the new model with a 6.1-inch LCD display can be upgraded to include 4GB of RAM compared to 3 GB in iPhone XR. Kuo believes that the iPhone will have a system with three lenses with the possibilities of the telephoto lens and ultra-wide camera. Unknown gets this camera 5.8— and 6.5-inch models OLED.

All smartphones or the part of the line will receive UWB (ultra wide band) for indoor positioning and navigation, building of frosted glass and larger battery. One interesting addition is the so-called “two-way” wireless charging, which will allow the phone to charge other devices wirelessly, acting as a kind of charging pad.

Most likely, Apple will announce the release of the iPhone 2019 at a press conference in September, and shortly thereafter release them.

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